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Dear Current & Former Members of the Aqua Cville Wash Club,


As we approach our 6-year anniversary this April, I am proud and thankful for your support over the years. Many of you have been Wash Club members for much of or most of that time, while some are new to us. We are honored to serve each and every one of you. For those of you who have left the Wash Club program, we want to include you in this message and hope we will be able to earn your business back!


I am writing to you today to announce a shift in how we operate the Wash Club moving forward beginning April 1, 2024. 


I’ll start with some background. 

In 2020, COVID forced us into an appointment only model for our detail and non-member business in order to best serve all of our customers in those challenging days. Since then, we have continued to experience a fundamental shift in our operations due to considerable increases in the cost of goods, changes in customer shopping habits and staffing shortages. Even throughout COVID and through to the present day, we have always been able to honor our pricing to you at the same rates as when you signed up for our Wash Club. Many of you still enjoy the same Wash Club pricing as the first day you signed up. And, when we have made changes to our overall operations, we have always tried to consider our Wash Club members first, for instance, the Wash Club member “hour” from 9-11am on Mon-Thu. However, we have reached a point where we can no longer successfully operate our business in 2024 at those price points and without appointments for all.


An additional concern of ours (and, as many of you have noted in recent months) is that our throughput has slowed considerably. While we have never been willing to sacrifice on the quality of our washes, we have been less successful with our efficiency efforts. Candidly, we have had some significant staffing turnover the last 90 days that has seriously impacted our staff headcount and placed a lot of strain on our remaining team members. Our management staff and I have been working hard to identify, hire and train new staff members, though we have had only limited success. Because of that, we have not been able to fundamentally improve our throughput to our satisfaction.


Based on those challenges, we will be implementing a new version of our Wash Club program, beginning April 1, 2024. All current Wash Club members will be transitioned into the closest matching Wash Club plan unless otherwise noted or canceled.


All cancellation requests ( MUST be made by March 25, 2024!





  1. Wash Club will move to Mon-Sat unlimited access (no more weekend fees)

  2. Members & Details have the dedicated LEFT lane

  3. Appointments required for ALL members (Book at:

  4. "No Show" fees will apply & forfeiture of membership for multiple "No Shows"

  5. Each Wash Club appointment will have its own respective booking time slot

  6. Two (2) member appointment slots will be available per hour to start

  7. Members may book their appointments 1-week in advance

  8. Stay with your vehicle until checked-in


Bonus: Members can book wax services online as well!


WASH CLUB STAPLES (un-changed)

  1. Unlimited access (though you must have an appointment)

  2. Plus & Supreme Wash Club options available

  3. Annual payment option (12 months of access for the price of 10)

  4. 10% Member discounts on all upgraded service


WASH CLUB PRICING CHANGES (still based on size)

Plus Wash Club:

Billed Monthly: $120 | $135 | $150 | $175

Billed Annual: $1,200 | $1,350 | $1,500 | $1,750


Supreme Wash Club:

Billed Monthly: $175 | $190 | $205 | $230

Billed Annually: $1,750 | $1,900 | $2,050 | $2,300



Why require Members to have an appointment?

Moving to appointments only across the board helps us “smooth” out our volume peaks and valleys that will help us with throughput and staffing. We will be able to adhere to a much closer estimate for delivery and our goal is to exceed those expectations. Appointments will be scheduled on the hour, every hour and we expect to deliver your car in that 1 hour time frame.


Members will be required to have an appointment beginning April 1, 2024 and may start booking them as early as March 25, 2024.

When I check-in, do I have to stay with my car?

Yes! We require all customers to stay with their vehicle until they are checked-in by Aqua staff. Once greeted and checked-in, you may leave your vehicle & keys with us.

I have an Annual membership. How does this affect me?

The short answer is: The only change for Annual members is the appointment requirement.


The long answer is: Your Annual Wash Club is valid through your next billing date. If you choose to renew at that time, your Wash Club fee will adjust to current pricing. 


Are there any benefits? Yes!

  1. You don't have to pay increased pricing until your next billing date.

  2. You now have Mon-Sat access with no weekend fees.

Note: We do not offer prorated discounts of any kind if you choose to cancel now. We believe we are offering far more value for the Annual Wash Club for the remainder of your current billing period.


Will this program change again?

We can’t make any guarantees, and we hope that the only significant change we have to make is by adding more booking availability over time as our team grows and becomes more efficient and experienced. 


However, our pricing typically has an adjustment year-over-year and we will message any changes well in advance. 


Please note, that you are NOT LOCKED IN to any commitment and can cancel at any time should the program not be a fit for you.


Why are Details in the Member lane?

We are scheduling our Member appointments ON THE HOUR and Detail appointments on the HALF HOUR in hopes of keeping the conflicting appointments to a minimum. In the event of a conflict the left lane gives us an opening to move a car around the wash bay if needed to keep our member throughput high. We will move Detail appointments out of the way if they become too much of a burden on our throughput.


When will new billing occur?

New pricing will take effect April 1, 2024, though your Wash Club may not renew until later in the month on your billing day. All pricing will be honored up and until your Wash Club plan renews, though all members will be required to have an appointment after April 1, 2024.


I don’t wish to continue my Wash Club membership. How do I cancel? 

Please email us ( by March 25, 2024 with your request to cancel your Wash Club account and we will not charge you after April 1. 


What are the alternatives to the Wash Club?

You can always pay as you go OR you can choose to buy our Bulk Wash Card. The Bulk Wash Card will also have new pricing as of April 1, 2024. Rather than get 5 washes for the price of 4, the Bulk Wash Card will now be a 10% discount on a pack of 5 washes. In addition, Bulk Wash Club holders will be required to book an appointment.

What happens if I "No-Show" my Wash Club appointment?

You may be familiar with our "No Show" policy for regular wash & detail appointments. Essentially, in order to guarantee the appointment, we require customers to place a card on file that is charged in the event of a "No Show". In order to protect the Wash Club appointment from members mass-booking and then no-showing, we have a similar policy. 


For regular Wash Club washes, all members must place a card on file and the member "No Show" fee will be $20. For wax services, the "No Show" fee is commensurate to the cost of the service booked.


If a member "No Shows" more than 1x/year, we reserve the right to cancel the Wash Club membership.


Note: Appointments cannot be cancelled within 6-hours of your appointment time. If you have an emergency and you must cancel, you must call/email us immediately to avoid the fee. However, if Wash Club members take advantage of this method, we, again reserve the right to cancel the Wash Club membership.




We feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to serve you and we know change can be frustrating and confusing. We appreciate your patience and understanding our needs to make this change and we ask that you give our staff some leeway as this is a change for them as well.


Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions of our managers, Jared, Sean & Patrick.


Thank you,


 Jeff & The Aqua Cville Team

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